A Satisfied Customer



At Haley Brothers we strive to satisfy our customers 100%. We work with our customers to give them the best solution to any problems or situations that come up.


For example: On July 17th 2013 we went out to Mr. Brennan’s house for a free estimate. When we got to the property, Mr. Brennan installed a pool in his park like backyard and while he knew he needed a fence to surround his new pool to meet safety codes he did not want his yard chopped up by fencing. We cam up with a solution to his problem by installing 90% of his fence behind the existing shrubs and plantings with very little disturbance to his property or planting areas. This would make the focal point of his backyard the pool instead of the fence. On September 18th we went out and installed his black aluminum fence and by talking to Mr. Brennan and address his wants we were able to produce a satisfied customer. His response to us was ” I did not think the fence would disappear as much as it does into the background, great job guys.” This is just one of the examples of how we are there for our customers, to satisfy their needs.Smile

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