About Haley Bros., Inc. Fence

Being in the fence installation business for 3 generations, we are committed to a long term relationship with you, many of our customers are 2nd generation purchasers. We have a longstanding reputation for quality service, professional installations and premium products. You get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all the work is performed by a name you can trust Haley Bros., Inc.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Haley Bros., Inc. is to provide you with the best quality products, the best service and the best purchase experience in the industry.

Our History

Haley Bros., Inc. was started in 1958 by David N. Haley Sr. with his brother Richard. James A. Haley joined Dave in 1973 and Haley Bros. was incorporated. Pauline, Jim’s wife, became the book keeper and ran the office, while also raising their children.

fences albany nyDave retired in 1981 and later passed away. Jim ran the business with his eldest son Bob for several years. James R. Haley joined the business in 1983 working with Jim Sr. and Bob until 1995 when Bob left the business.

Jim Jr. worked with Jim Sr. in the business until 1999 when the worst thing imaginable happened, the original building was lost in a fire, but we only lost 1 day of work. Most of our customers had no idea what happened. This was when we found out what good friends we had in the community, the out pouring of support was tremendous and offers of help poured in. We were able to keep up a full schedule of work. In the fall of 1999 the 3rd generation, Scot Jr. (Scot Sr. & Barbara’s son), Joe (Bob’s son) & Brian (Scot Sr. & Barbara’s son), joined the business.

In 2000 Barbara, Jim Sr’s daughter, came to work in the business to take over for book keeping duties for Pauline. In the spring of 2002 Jim Sr. passed away after having a stroke, and Pauline retired. In the fall of 2002 Scot Sr., Barbara’s husband, came back to work with Jim Jr. running the business. In the spring of 2003 Scot Jr., one of the 3rd generation passed away leaving Joe & Brian to represent the 3rd generation for the time being. In the summer of 2008 Ryon ( Jim Jr’s son) joined the business as a member of the 3rd generation. In 2011 Jessica ( Jim Jr’s daughter) came to work in the business, to help Barbara run the office and help with customer service.

In 53 years Haley Bros., Inc. has served thousands of customers with many of them repeat customers and 2nd generation customers. This business has grown to more than exceed Dave’s expectations and continues to grow with exceptional customer service and a friendly attitude, always with an emphasis on quality. We look forward to the 4th generation joining as soon as they are ready.