About Home Center Fences

A word to the wise about purchasing fencing products. The fencing products at the Home Centers should not be considered fencing at all.
Wood fence at the Home Centers does not meet acceptable industry standards for minimum thickness and durability. All reputable fence companies consider their wood fence products to be more like paneling than wood fence.
Most vinyl fences at the Home centers has to have a pressure treated wood post inserted into the vinyl post sleeves which then has to have brackets screwed to them. The problem with this is the screws are aluminum and the pressure treated posts rot the aluminum screws off and then your fence falls down.
Chain link fence at the Home centers does not meet the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute minimum safety guide lines for pipe wall thickness, which make these fences dangerous. For example if a 80lb child climbs the fence to get away from a 40lb dog this fence will bend or break possibly injuring the dog or the child. If this happens and it is your fence you will be liable for these injuries.

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