Signs it is time to replace your wood fence.

Over the years wood fences will begin to decay. Rotting fences may not be noticeable until the boards of the fence start caving in. You can be fairly certain that your fence is rotting if you frequently have to re-secure boards that have fallen off from your fence’s frame. Decay weakens the fence, meaning it […]

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Invisable fence vs. Standard fence

Thinking about installing an invisible fence in your new or existing backyard? While a few benefits make this choice seem like a great idea, there are many other things to consider when deciding on perimeter security. When making a big purchase we tend to base our decision on “Can I afford this?” Installing an invisible […]

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Wood Checking, An All Natural Process

Have you noticed a few cracks in your new wooden fence posts or rails? Rest easy, you have no reason to fear! These cracks, also referred to as “checking” is a natural wood drying process. Checking occurs in all products that contain the center of the tree. As the wood beings to age, the outside […]

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Why Choose Cedar Fence

Why should you choose a cedar fence? Ask yourself, Do you want a fence that is naturally resistant to decay and termites then cedar is your choice. Cedar wood has natural oils and acids in the wood that make it undesirable to many insects. Fencing made from cedar will provide years of trouble free durability […]

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FAQ about Vinyl Fence

Frequently asked Questions about Vinyl Fence How tough is Vinyl Fence? Vinyl fence behaves differently than wood. It wont snap and leave splinters to hurt you or your animals. another difference between vinyl fence and wood fence is it reduces fence injury to your animals, it is also very low maintenance and enhances the appearance […]

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About Home Center Fences

A word to the wise about purchasing fencing products. The fencing products at the Home Centers should not be considered fencing at all. Wood fence at the Home Centers does not meet acceptable industry standards for minimum thickness and durability. All reputable fence companies consider their wood fence products to be more like paneling than […]

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