What types of fences do you carry?

We carry all types of fences. (i.e. chain link, wood, vinyl, and aluminum/ ornamental)

Do you offer free fence installation estimates?

Yes, we do offer free on-site estimates. Give us a call at 356-2170 or fill out our at home estimate request form and we will contact you and set up a date and time.

Do you install just residential fences?

No, we install both commercial and residential jobs.

Can you buy material only?

Yes, we offer all of our products as both a “do it yourself” material only order or as a full installation.

Do I need to be home during my fence installation?

Yes, we do require you to be their during the installation process. Should a situation arise contact our office and we can make other arrangements.

Do I need to contact underground utility locators before you install my fence?

No, NYS law requires all contractors to “call before you dig”. However, Haley Bros., Inc. is not responsible for any lines hit by us that are not marked by Dig Safe. We ask our customers to mark out and make us aware of any private utilities, sprinkler lines and heads.

Do I need a building permit?

Every town, city and village has their own building codes. You are responsible for obtaining the permit and any fees incurred. Click here for our building permit and codes page

Do you install fences all year long?

Haley Bros., Inc. is one of the few fence companies that will install throughout the year

What requirements must be met for a pool fence?

Requirements vary on the type of material and pool. Click here for the NYS pool codes.

What types of warranties do you offer?

Haley Bros., Inc. offer many different warranties. Your sales representative will go over them with you at you free at on-site estimate.  Start the process now by completing our at-home estimate request.