How to Prepare for Your New Fence

Getting a new fence not only offers you the privacy you have been in search of but it has visual impacts on your property and neighborhood, this is why most cities and towns have rules and codes to ensure a positive outcome.  Today we will give you a few tips and hints to prepare you for your new fence.  First and foremost you want to determine where your property line is located, your fence can be installed up to your property line.  You can always have your fence set back any distance from your property line but you do not want to go over it, this can in turn create a lot of issues.  If you are unaware of where your property line is located check and see if a survey was included with your mortgage papers, a property survey may also be on file with the city or town.  If none of these options are available to you I would then recommend to hire a surveyor to determine and mark your lot lines.  The biggest issue of going over your property line is the neighbor can then request the fence be removed form their property which is more expensive for you.  Always check with your town to make sure you wont need a building permit, if you do need one and don’t get it your can be asked to remove you fence or have a fine. The heights on the fence depend on the location of where it will be installed on your lot and what of type of lot you own.  Most towns allow 6′ high in the back yards with a building permit. Some properties are different then others especially corner lots, in the front yard the maximum height is 4′ high and 50% open.  Again always check with your city or town to ensure easy sailing on your new fence purchase.  You also want to beware of underground lines our company will call UFPO ahead of time to have them marked out.  Always ask as many questions to the company you decided to go with, make yourself as educated as possible to ensure a great experience.

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