Signs it is time to replace your wood fence.

Over the years wood fences will begin to decay. Rotting fences may not be noticeable until the boards of the fence start caving in. You can be fairly certain that your fence is rotting if you frequently have to re-secure boards that have fallen off from your fence’s frame. Decay weakens the fence, meaning it is safer, and cheaper in the long run to replace the fence entirely.

Below are a few signs it is time to replace your wood fence.

  • Pickets are falling off or are missing.
  • Sections are falling down.
  • Posts or sections are rotten or decaying.
  • Overall look of your fence.

When the quote for repairing the above mentioned signs equals the cost of a brand new fence you may want to consider replacing the whole thing as opposed to repairing it piece by piece, which is likely to cost you more in the long run.


  1. Adding years to your wood fence.
    Weather plays a big role with wood treatments. Depending where you live you may have to treat your fence once per year every year. If precipitation throughout the year is low then you may be able to go 2 years, but it is not recommended. Regards, The Fence.Bid Team

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