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To make your backyard an oasis, cedar fence should be your first choice for wood fence because of cedars quality, appearance and its longevity. The natural oils in cedar helps to make it resistant to decay and insects, this increases cedars durability and allows it to weather gracefully without adding chemicals or stains. Cedar, compared to pine or spruce, is a dimensionally stable wood with little or no shrinkage or warping which makes it the best choice for outdoor applications. A cedar fence will add beauty and value to your home for many years.

Spruce fencing is also a good fence but only lasts half as long as cedar. The minimum picket thickness on our spruce stockade is 3/4″ anything less than that should be considered, in our opinion, paneling.  Don’t be fooled by “low price” alternatives (using inferior wood alternatives) because the cost of labor to reinstall and maintain these inferior materials will outweigh any seemingly obvious (but false) savings.

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